I’m thrilled to see you here on PageTrust!

Being a professional B2B content marketer and blogger on my own I’m always exploring new ways and tools to make websites more successful.

When Firmenfischen – my B2B Marketing Blogwas hit by a traffic breakdown (I installed an unpropper WordPress plug-in) I was desperately looking for ideas to get the old traffic level back.


I installed the free version of a Social Proof software, created some notifications and let it run.


At this time I didn’t publish blog posts on a regular basis BUT about 6 months later my traffic had doubled from ca. 500 visitors to over 1’000 visitors a month (remember: It’s a marketing niche).

So, this convinced me that these little notifications can make the difference regarding the conversion rate and that they will work on any website. 

I’m sure that notifications can help each website owner to make his website, blog or online store more profitable. So, when I had the opportunity to license one of the best tools out there I took the chance, rebranded it to PageTrust and went online.

PageTrust is an online software to display nice and relevant notifications to website visitors to raise credibility, engagement and conversions.


Today bloggers, website owners, and web shop owners around the world use PageTrust to raise credibility, boost engagement and make their online businesses thrive.


Have a look by yourself. (Here is a quick demo of PageTrust.)


And maybe we can connect in one or the other way.


Michael Zeyen

PS: PageTrust is a brand of Conwema Media, where I provide tools and resources.

Michael Zeyen, Conwema Media