PageTrust – our plans


At PageTrust we only want happy and convinced customers! (Life is too short to have big trouble for little money…)

Every registration at PageTrust starts with the free plan.

With a click on any of our plans you may start the registration. But don’t worry, it’s quick and easy:


Just tell us who you are and on which website, blog or shop you want to run PageTrust first.

+ No credit card needed. 


Click here to enter the PageTrust forever free plan.

Our free plan and our special plan to start in 2023


You may ask: which plan is right for me / us?

The answer is: You don’t have to decide now and you do not have to pay now. (Even not showing your credit card.)


Entering the free plan you may

a) check weather PageTrust runs on your domain (it will :-] ) and

b) use every notification type 

c) try integrations and API access.

But, and yes this the BUT: only up to 500 impressions a month.

In many cases 500 impressions are enough and you can run PageTrust forever for free.


But if you want to display notifications more than 500 times a month or remove the PageTrust branding inside the notifications you should concider to upgrade to a paid plan. OK?

Our regular plans