PageTrust Updates


Main Updates for PageTrust will be listed here.
PageTrust versioning is based on the MAJOR.MINOR.PATCH system.


Update 36.0.0 – 24 April, 2024


  • Implemented a new Statistics page that will show the overall stats of the whole account campaigns.
  • Implemented Campaigns Bulk Deletion capability.
  • Reworked and Implemented Notification Data Bulk Deletion capability.
  • Implemented the ability to export Notifications to CSV, JSON, PDF.
  • Implemented the ability to export Campaigns to CSV, JSON, PDF.
  • Implemented Custom Domains Bulk Deletion capability.
  • Implemented the Export to PDF functionality to the frontend app.
  • Many other subtle improved visuals in certain parts of the product.
  • Reworked the default colors of numerous popup widgets to look better by default.
  • Reworked numerous widgets on styling to make them look more clean and better.
  • Live counter widget now has a remade and better pulse animation.
  • Color transparency can now be used for all color pickers when editing a notification widget.
  • Improve responsiveness in the Coupon notification widget.
  • Now you can easily preview the Close button and the Branding without saving and reloading the notification editing page.


 Update 35.0.0 – 21 March, 2024


  • All image input fields now have a way to remove the selected image file to upload.
  • Numerous other visual consistency cleanups and code optimizations.
  • Chart colors now automatically adjust based on the theme settings you set in the admin panel.
  • Added more fonts & made it easier to select them in the notification customization page.
  • Added more fonts & made it easier to select them in the notification customization page.


 Update 34.0.020 February, 2024

  • Reworked many file image uploaders to support image preview & look better.
  • Fade in animation for all pages is now reduced from 1s to 500ms for a faster and snappier feel.
  • Improved header text and buttons in some app pages not being consistent and responsive properly.
  • Fixed language creation/updating when using certain characters in the name of the language.

 Update 33.0.027 January, 2024

  • Cookie consent dependancy upgraded and improved to support RTL.

Update 32.0.016 January, 2024

  • Implemented PHP 8.3 support.
  • Implemented Webhooks that execute before a Cron run and after a Cron run. Helpful when wanting to monitor Cron executions.
  • Upgraded cookie consent library to the latest 2.9.2 version.
  • Improved admin panel – settings – cron page with copy and execute buttons.
  • Improved the way plan savings for annual memberships are displayed.
  • Fix language change from the footer language selector issues.
  • Fix campaigns page limits not properly beign shown on Create button hover.

Update 31.0.014 December, 2023

  • Implemented Multicurrency support for payments.
  • Implemented Yizico payment gateway for one time payments.
  • Implemented Flutterwave payment gateway for one time & recurring payments.
  • Implemented the ability to enable/disable the password requirement when first logging in via a social network.
  • Implemented a subtle prompt to install the PWA app with instructions based on the device for the PWA plugin.
  • Implemented a new „Health check“ page in the admin panel – settings section.
  • A better looking custom scrollbar is now applied on all widgets that are scrollable.
  • Push notification subscription modal will now only automatically show to the user if their browser is compatible for the Push Notifications plugin.
  • Stripe implementation has been reworked to support the latest available API version.
  • Improved performance of the Pixel widgets tracking module.
  • Fix ad blocker detector not working properly.
  • Fix live counter widget not working properly.
  • Fix some caching issues for the total notifications number.

Update 30.0.017 November, 2023

Minimum PHP requirement is now PHP 8.0 instead of PHP 7.4.
  • The ad blocker detector will only be triggered when a user is not logged in and does not have the No ads plan feature.
  • Cleaned up and optimized duplicated translations.
  • Implemented the ability to set a custom delay for the ad blocker detector modal via the admin panel.
  • Fix internal notifications URL destination bug.

Update 29.0.013 October, 2023

  • Implemented Ad blocker detection alert system.
  • Implemented Ad blocker detection lock content until ad blocker is disabled.
  • Implemented Admin panel Webhooks for Domains creation & update events.
  • Implemented the ability to change the main font of the whole website directly from the admin panel.
  • Implemented Microsoft social login.
  • Upgraded ReCaptcha, PHPMailer, TwoFactorAuth, Stripe project dependencies to their latest versions.
  • Other small code improvements, changes and tweaks across the whole product.
  • Fix API User endpoint not working properly.
  • Fix Paypal recurring payment rare issue when the business name is not provided.

Update 28.0.012 September, 2023

  • Upgraded from FontAwesome 5 to FontAwesome 6.

  • LinkedIn login transitioned to the new version required by LinkedIn.

  • Added support for PHP 8.2.

  • Other overall look and feel improvements.


        Update 14.0.010 March, 2022

        • Implemented Cookie Consent functionality, highly configurable via the admin panel and translation system.
        • Implemented Discord login functionality, configurable via the admin panel.
        • Implemented campaign duplication feature.
        • Implemented the new Custom HTML notification widget.
        • Implemented RTL support for all notification widgets.
        • Implemented the ability to change the font of any notification widget.
        • Reworked the close button of all notification widgets, added the ability to change the color of the close button.
        • Fully reworked the reviews notification widget looks, and added the ability to switch from random reviews to latest reviews.
        • Reworked the latest conversion notification widget, added the ability to switch from random conversions to latest conversions.
        • Improved consistency and looks of all notification widgets.
        • Reworked the dashboard.
        • Improved the whole landing page.
        • The campaign pixel code will now come with a defer property, instead of async, for better & seamless integration with websites.
        • Default font switched to the default sans-serif stack.
        • Fixed payments list filters not working for all processors.
        • Fixed payment generation issue in some special cases for a few payment gateways.
        • Multiple other visual, functional improvements & bugfixes.


        Update 13.1.016 February, 2022

        • Implemented the ability to enable/disable a language via the admin panel.
        • Implemented the ability to filter translated, non translated and all strings when editing a language via the admin panel.
        • Fixed various new translation system issues.
        • Small other visual improvements.


        Update 13.0.06 February, 2022

        • Fully reworked the Languages & Translations system for much better performance, handling and usability.
        • Implemented the ability to edit and translate Languages from the admin panel.
        • Implemented one-time payment gateway.
        • Fixed widget notifications not taking into account base user account language.



        Update 12.0.022 January, 2022

        • Implemented user registration blacklist by country.
        • Reworked the admin panel footer (added language switcher + theme switcher).
        • Reworked the footer of the whole app.
        • Reworked the plugin system so plugins won’t lose their state anymore when updating.
        • Improved UI for all tables on mobile.
        • Improved UX workflow bug when skipping trial & introducing billing details.
        • Improved responsiveness for account payments & logs pages.
        • Improved color contrast in Dark mode.
        • Reworked the positioning of ads (set from the admin panel) and the pages that display ads.
        • Fixed UI alignment issues on mobile.
        • Fixed payment generation bug when using discount codes in some cases.
        • Fixed admin panel settings UI menu bug.
        • Fixed & improved many other small UI issues.


        Update 11.0.02 January, 2022

        • Improved the UX of impersonating a user, as an admin.
        • Implemented a built-in Contact form page (can be enabled from the admin panel -> website settings -> email notifications).
        • Implemented the ability to skip a trial when paying for a plan.
        • Implemented the ability to block registrations from a particular email domain, from the admin panel.
        • Implemented the ability to purge the cache from the admin panel.
        • Implemented the ability to set the default data order (asc, desc) the admin panel.
        • Implemented the ability to set the default pagination results the admin panel.
        • Implemented the ability to set a custom 404 page from the admin panel.
        • Implemented the ability to also export to PDF/print data from tables in the admin panel.
        • Admin Codes – Implemented the ability to paginate, filter, export data.
        • Admin Taxes – Implemented the ability to paginate, filter, export data.
        • Improved the admin panel -> website settings -> main fields, separated them for more clarity.
        • Improved the file upload error handling.
        • Now reCaptcha and hCaptcha will follow the language that the user currently uses.
        • Other small yet many improvements of the whole system.
        • Fixed a few bugs related to the system.


        Update 10.0.017 November, 2021

        • Implemented PayU one-time payments system.
        • Implemented Yookassa one-time payments system.
        • Reworked the admin panel announcements system.
        • Implemented RazorPay one-time & recurring payments system.
        • Implemented Mollie one-time & recurring payments system.
        • Implemented Paystack one-time & recurring payments system.
        • Implemented an Auto Cleanup functionality for old, inactive users. Can be activated and configured in the admin panel.
        • Implemented email notifications for old & soon-to-be-deleted users, if the Auto Cleanup functionality is enabled.
        • Reworked & improved the API documentation page.
        • Updated composer dependencies to the latest versions.
        • Other bugfixes & improvements.

        Update 9.0.127 October, 2021

        • Improved notifications accessibility.
        • Improved performance on the Pixel Tracking functionality (1 less query).
        • Fixed analytics / data tracking for the pixel campaigns not working properly in some cases.
        • Fixed small pages system related issue.


        Update 9.0.019 October, 2021

        • Implemented the ability to duplicate a notification.
        • Implemented the ability to set a „Thank you URL“ page for the Emoji Feedback, Score Feedback & Text Feedback notifications.
        • Implemented the ability to add image alt attributes for widgets, for better accessibility of the notifications.
        • Improved the way Pixel analytics are sent back to the backend for a more modern & performant solution.
        • Improved the invoices system, now the invoices are immutable.
        • Reworked the Redeemable Codes system. Redeeming is happening now only from the Checkout page.
        • Discount/Redeemable codes can now be applied on a per plan basis (more flexibility).
        • Reworked parts of how the taxes system is working in the admin panel.
        • All the data tables are now ordered by the date, descending (previous ascending).
        • Many other code cleanups, improvements and bugfixes.


        Update 8.0.012 September, 2021

        • Implemented Coinbase (crypto) payments.
        • Fully reworked the Trial system. Now you can set how many days you want to give out on a per-plan basis.
        • Implemented the ability to display, edit and set a Custom plan on the plans section, via the admin panel.
        • Implemented the ability to highlight a particular plan with a particular color via the admin panel.
        • Implemented Twitter login.
        • Fully reworked the social logins workflow for better performance and user experience.
        • Reworked the admin panel plan update, create & user update pages for consistency purposes.
        • Improved the way admin panel plans are displayed.
        • Fully reworked the whole admin panel – website settings page, which now avoids some small, yet annoying bugs & UX bugs.
        • If you now redeem a plan that you already have on your account, the redeemed plan days will be now added on top.
        • Fixed cron job bug where in certain cases it would get stuck checking domain names.
        • Many code cleanups, improvements and other small bugfixes.